Why We Sell Herbs And Spices Online

Welcome to My Kitchen Spices. I am the creator of this online store where you can buy herbs and spices. My journey started when I was at University, and I am here to tell you how I got from there to here.

University was my first time away from home, and it was an opportunity to start cooking for myself and enjoying the food that I liked to cook. That quickly led to me eating pasta night after night and not putting any real thought into cooking.

As my time at University finished I wanted to change the way I thought about food, I was fed up with eating bland meals every night. So I started to get creative in the kitchen. Spice blends were expensive, so I began mixing my own. My creativity started mainly with curry mixes and chilli recipes. I quickly realised that this was a much more enjoyable way of preparing food, and my time in the kitchen was the best time of the day.

I started cooking for my friends and family, and the herbs and spices I was using started getting great feedback. That is when I realised I need to share these mixes with others.

Quick, Convenient Meals

Blending herbs and spices together can be a long process, and I understand that not everybody has the time to do that. We all want quick, convenient meals to get us through the week. That is why my herbs and spices are a great way to speed up the process. I do the long, intricate work so that you can have a quick delicious meal, without having to worry about whether you have put too much cumin in your curry.

Kitchen Ingredients

I source all my herbs and spices from reputable sources that conform to UK regulations. Plus, I love trying new food, so don’t be surprised if you notice a variety of different herbs and spices every time you come to My Kitchen Spices.

My aim at My Kitchen Spices is to provide delicious spice blends that make your home cooking simpler. I always mix my batches in small quantities so that they are never sitting around for too long. Plus, where possible, I use whole herbs and spices to maintain the freshness of the ingredient giving you a punch of flavour.

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Kitchen Tips And Tricks

We know that cooking can be a daunting process for the new home cook. Here at My Kitchen Spices, I want to make the process simple and get you cooking delicious meals at home, and you might even save some money in the long run. 

Keep an eye out on our blog and social media for our kitchen tips and tricks. Our team are always updating our channels with handy guides to get the most out of your cooking. 

Home cooking should be simple, delicious and tailored to your taste buds. That is why we want to give you quick and easy spice blends ready to use.

Sustainable Cooking

I believe that what we put in our food should be delicious, but also it shouldn’t be full of preservatives. Our herbs and spices don’t contain any of these. 

That does mean that your herbs and spices may clump together, but don’t worry, they are still fresh. They need to be loosened up to fall apart again. To minimise this, store your spice blends in room temperature, dry place out of sunlight.

Thank you for shopping at My Kitchen Spices, and we hope that you love our spice blends as much as we do. Get in touch with our team and let us know how you are getting on in the kitchen.

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