Whole Spices

Find everything you need to start cooking delicious food with our online whole spice shop. We supply a wide range of whole spices that aim to enhance the way you cook at home. Whether you are looking for traditional ingredients such as cumin or coriander or you need something a bit more specialist like fenugreek, our whole spice shop has got you covered.

At My Kitchen Spices, we carefully select only the best ingredients from our suppliers to ensure that we are providing a high-quality product that you will love. Our kitchen specialists are continuously working on developing new and exciting spice blends, and it all starts here with our whole spice shop.

Whole spices are the best way to keep your spices in fresh. In fact, whole spices can keep their flavour for many years. That is why we always recommend buying whole spices online.

Whole Spice Shop Blends

If you are a confident cook with the kitchen utensils to prepare your own spices, we have a range of Whole spice blends. These are a great way to get the most out of your cooking and get the most flavour. 

Each pack comes with some helpful hints and tips to prepare your whole spices. Usually, all each blend requires is a little toasting in a dry frying pan to release the essential oils. You can then grind the whole spices up using a pestle and mortar or a fancy coffee grinder. 

A word of warning if you are grinding whole cloves. If you are using a plastic coffee grinder cloves can sometimes react with the plastic damaging the surface. That won’t affect how your Grinder works, but you may not want to ruin the look of your new Grinder. 

Green Packaging

We are always trying to reduce our carbon footprint in the way that we work. That is why we use biodegradable paper packaging, that is resealable to keep your products fresh. 

A handy tip for our customers, once you have finished with your whole spice packet, you can reuse the pouch to store your favourite snacks.

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