Red Chilli Powder


Chilli Powder is a common ingredient throughout the world and is slightly different from the chilli powder you find in local supermarkets. However, this red chilli powder is 100% red chilli and has a lot stronger flavour than these other chilli powders. We do have a traditional chilli powder for recipes such as Chilli con Carne. Click here to see our Chilli con Carne powder.

You can use this chilli powder as an excellent alternative and will provide a fiery kick to your recipes. Plus, you can use this red chilli powder to get creative and make your own Chilli con Carne powder.

We commonly use chilli powder in our spice blends such as fajita seasoning and our mouth-watering Harissa. Chilli powder is a versatile ingredient that adds a sweet and fiery flavour to a recipe. It is often the ingredient that gives your curries a bright red appearance (although a lot of restaurants use food colouring).

Stock up your shelves with chilli powder that has been hand-selected by us and tested by our chefs for quality. We have an assortment of sizes available, and we cater for all sizes whether you are a budding home cook or an established restaurant. Our red chilli powder is sure to liven up the way you cook.


What Is The Flavour Of Chilli Powder?

Chilli powder has a fruity flavour with a pinch of spice. It is a common ingredient all over the world. In the right quantities is can add a subtle depth of flavour to your home cooking. Chilli powder is often best left to cook in stews and curries over time to reduce how intense the heat of this powder is. If you add a little bit too much chilli powder, you can always add a couple of spoons of yoghurt into your recipe to cool it down.

Whether you are looking to impress your friends with spicy fajitas or enhance your cooking skills, chilli powder is a great place to start. We offer delicious ground ingredients that you can rely on to expand the flavours of your meals. Red chilli powder is an ideal spice to have on hand in the cupboard for when you are next cooking, no matter the meal.

Compostable Packaging

All of our spices and herbs come in a compostable paper pouch. We work hard to ensure that we are working with a cleaner future in mind. Plus, our resealable packets make a handy place to store your favourite snacks. To see more about our packaging click here.


Our delivery takes 2-7 business days and comes in a sealed pouch for optimal freshness. If you need your ingredients quicker, send us an email directly to Our team will try to arrange a quicker delivery.

Allergy Information

Our spices are packed in a facility that processes mustard, sesame, nuts, peanuts and gluten. Although we take great care when grinding and packaging, we cannot guarantee that our spices are free from any of these allergens.

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