Compostable Packaging

Our kitchen specialists are environmentally conscious. We have reviewed several packaging choices, and we have chosen what we believe to be the best option for your spice blends. However, we believe that the perfect pouch is on its way.

There are problems with almost all packaging solutions in the food industry. With a bit of research, we concluded that our compostable eco pouches were the best choice towards a sustainable future. Although plastic is the most widely recycled, we see time and time again people subconsciously putting plastic straight into the general waste. Plus, many people aren’t sure which types of plastic they can recycle.

Our compostable pouches are resealable and help keep your ingredients fresh. These pouches, when put in the right conditions, will decompose in less than twelve months, minimising the waste finding its way into our oceans.

Our eco pouches comply with European law and conform to BS EN 13432 compostable criteria. These are a government body that regulates compostable materials.

The inner layer of our pouches that keep the ingredients fresh is produced using a special PLA that is derived using either cornstarch or sugar cane. That does not change the flavour of your spice blends, but it helps to keep them fresh so you can enjoy your ingredients for longer.

We are always trying to achieve better sustainability. That is why we are happy to hear what you think about our packaging and if you have any alternatives that you think would be better, let us know.

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