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How To Make Garlic Paste?

How To Make Garlic Paste / Garlic Puree?

Fresh garlic paste or garlic puree can be one of the best ways to improve your home cooking. It will enhance your flavours and can give your cooking a boost that isn’t possible with the store-bought garlic paste.

Homemade garlic paste is a great way to provide a strong-smelling, fresh paste. Plus, it has a range of uses, including salad dressings, mayonnaise and much more.

Learning to make your own garlic paste at home will not only give you a burst of flavour in your cooking, but it will help to improve your knife skills. 

Store-bought garlic puree can often taste bitter and lacks the same strength of flavour as homemade garlic paste.

That is why this quick and easy to learn pureed garlic is a great skill to have in your kitchen.

You will never need to purchase garlic puree again. Just keep your fridge stocked up with a bulb of garlic. If you’re like me, garlic is an essential ingredient in my fridge.

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What Will You Need For Garlic Puree?

Pureed garlic is so easy to make, and with a little practice, you can make this in a matter of minutes. The two ingredients, garlic and salt, are staple ingredients in many kitchens and together can enhance your home cooking. 

Therefore, to make this quick and easy garlic puree, you will need:

  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • A sharp knife

This recipe can be scaled up and down as needed. Two cloves of garlic will provide you roughly one tablespoon of garlic puree.

So, How Do You Puree Garlic?

Before we start, I like to mention the health benefits of garlic. If you follow step one 5-10 minutes beforehand, you will release the allicin. That is the part of the garlic that frees the oils, providing the many health benefits associated with garlic.

Step 1: Finely Mince Garlic Cloves

Take however many garlic cloves you may need and place them on a chopping board with the skin on. Place the flat side of the knife on top of the garlic clove and press firmly down(see the picture for more information). 

Remove the skins and cut off the hard ends. Finely slice each clove. Because you crushed the cloves at the start, this should now be minced garlic. If you don’t think your garlic is minced enough, run your knife through the garlic until you are happy.

minced garlic for garlic paste
minced garlic for garlic paste
Step 2: Add A Pinch Of Salt

Sprinkle a pinch of salt on top of the minced garlic. This step is crucial to break down your garlic puree and provides an abrasive substance to help the process.

Salt is also perfect for drawing out the moisture of your garlic. That leaves you with a garlic paste with the ideal consistency.

Step 3: Make The Garlic Paste

Create a neat pile with your finely chopped garlic and salt.

Hold the knife on the blunt edge of the blade. Then on a slight angle, drag the sharp edge of the knife across the garlic. Furthermore, the idea here is to flatten and crush the garlic into a paste.

Repeat the process until your garlic puree is at the right consistency. There should be no chunks of garlic in this paste. Within a couple of minutes, you should have a thick garlic paste ready for a whole range of applications.

Garlic Paste on spoon
Garlic Paste on spoon
Step 4: Use Your Delicious Garlic Paste

This simple garlic puree has a range of applications from curries to burgers. It will give your cooking a bold flavour without the raw taste associated with regular minced garlic.

Finally, this garlic paste is ideal if you want to add a hint of garlic to your burger patties. The possibilities are endless. So, improve your kitchen skills and start cooking delicious food at home for the whole family.

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